Star Wars "The Force Awakens" has generated more hype than any movie in history shutting down half the internet when tickets went on pre-sale. It's fun to be excited about a movie, but these are the top 5 signs that you might have taken it too far.

5. You start talking to your co-workers and family as Yoda

Clemens Bilan / Stringer / Getty Images

If you have ever uttered the phrase "Dinner you must cook. Lasagna it must be", it's time to head to Star Wars rehab.

4. When spending quality time with your significant other, you imagine her with a Princess Leia haircut.

It's understandable that you might recommend a new hairstyle for your wife/girlfriend/whoever. But, if it involves hair buns on the side, time to lay off the Star Wars DVDs for a while.

3. When you order food in a drive-thru, you always do it with a Darth Vader voice.

Clemens Bilan / Stringer / Getty Images

Sure, it was funny the first time you ordered a chocolate shake in that deep Darth Vader voice. But, asking the drive thru attendant if you were her father was taking it too far.

2. You have a bumper sticker that says "My other car is the Millenium Falcon".

Sure, you'll get some funny looks driving down Rimrock with that bumper sticker. However, it will not add any value when it comes trade in time - unless the car dealer is worse off than you are when it comes to Star Wars.

1. While doing your Zumba workout, you insist the entire class use light sabers.

Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty Images

You might think you look like Luke Skywalker while you're burning off the calories, however, no one will be laughing when you accidentally slice off the ear of the person in front of you.