Seether kicked off this year in a big way as they were on board for the sold out ShipRocked Cruise. We caught up with frontman Shaun Morgan, who expressed that the rest of 2016 will be quiet for the most part because they want to work on a new album. Morgan also talked enthusiastically about potentially starting his own record company. Check out our interview with Shaun Morgan of Seether below:

What is one band on this year’s ShipRocked Cruise that you would love to be in aside from Seether, and why?

Nonpoint, I love those guys. I’ve always been a big Nonpoint fan and I would just love to be a guitarist in a band sometime and not have to do the singing. [Laughs] Then you only have to get one of the things right. I love those guys a lot so that’s one band I’d love to be in.

On the Seether Facebook page recently, there was a photo of a recording session during the making of Isolate and Medicate two years ago. What do you remember most vividly about creating that record?

Well that it was quick, we did it in 12 days, we didn’t overthink it. We were still rehearsing and writing the songs a week before we went into the studio so some of the songs we didn’t even work out properly. It was interesting because I’ve never really gone in unprepared like that, it was quick and pretty painless. The overthinking part comes when I’m writing demos and putting the parts together but when we get to the studio we know what we’re here to do and get the songs done as best as we can. The real pain is when you sit and you’re actually creating the stuff because you know there’s a certain standard you have to stick to. I like getting into the studio because that’s when you hear it really loud and it sounds good. [Laughs]

What can we expect from you and the rest of Seether for the remainder of 2016?

We have some shows in May and that’s about it. We’re busy looking to write a new album now – we toured for about a year and a half, almost two years, and it’s time to get back in and do some new music. It’s amazing how fast two years go by, though. I think this year might be pretty quiet for us but that’s good, too. You don’t over saturate yourself with the radio and stuff. That’s the plan to see where we’re at. I might start a record company and sign some bands that I like and try and diversify a little bit, do something different for a change, maybe do some producing, I don’t know. These are things that I’m looking at.

Are you going to teach some bands to avoid the things you hate about the industry?

[Laughs] Exactly, you know exactly what you don’t want to experience. I feel like coming from all the experience we have with record companies and producers and touring, I feel it puts you in a uniquely great position. You can understand what parts of the business are s---y and what are not. Hopefully you can try to get bands to not experience the worst side. Because of the fact that record sales are all gone basically you have to support yourself by touring with everybody, the more you do it, the more fans you get, the more lucrative it becomes and the less you have to work when it comes to live shows – when we started out we were doing 300 live shows a year, just to get our name out and just to be visible. Then you can get to a point 15 years later where you do four weeks, take two weeks off. It’s a tough business, it always has been but I think now even more so to be visible and have a career.

This may be useful to some young bands touring: While on the road what is one non-electronic item that you must have on tour with you?

Deodorant because I don’t smell good if I don’t use it. [Laughs] I feel bad though, I didn’t realize this shirt didn’t smell so good and during the meet and greet, I was just like, “Oh my God, I’m sorry.” I was trying to clamp my arms to myself, I don’t know I just have this amazing ability to smell really bad.

Writer’s note: Shaun smelled completely fine during this interview.

Our thanks to Seether frontman Shaun Morgan for the interview, check out details for their 2016 Rise Above Festival here!

Seether Talk 'Isolate and Medicate'

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