First, keep shopping separate from entertainment. The holiday season is full of sights, sounds and parties so don’t go drunk shopping. You wake up the next morning to find a ton of stuff you’re not sure why you bought and when you see the bill it will only make you start drinking again.

Second, money’s tight and you have a long gift list, don’t cut your list it makes you look like a scrooge. Dig out the cook book and make a nice cookie and bread tray. If you’re not a cook get crafty, make something that person can put our each holiday season, they will think of you each time they see it.

Third, don’t shop guilty, in a panic or in that mob mentality. Look there are a lot of deals and flash sales, don’t be fooled into the fear of missing out. You know the person you’re shopping for get them something they will like or need. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it will be the perfect gift.

Fourth, don’t run up the charge card, you will have to pay for it at some point. The thing is, in the spring the hot-water heater will shoot craps, the car will break down or little Billy will break his arm on that skateboard he got for Christmas and you’ll need that money.

Fifth, don’t go overboard on the gift wrapping, they are just going to tear it off anyway. Look we all want our gifts to look nice but the reality is that you don’t want the wrapping to outdo the present. I go to the dollar store and buy all of that stuff and for kids sometimes the comics are the best. It’s not the wrapping but the gift you want to wow them with.

I hope these help and have a great holiday season.