The Mesa County Fair begins Tuesday, July 14. It's already a great event, but, in my opinion, it could be even better. Here are five events that would be pleasing to the entire family. Or maybe it would only be fun for that twisted uncle who's always taking pictures at inappropriate times.

5. Dwarf Tossing

Please don't misunderstand. This is not meant to be unkind to short people. Dwarf tossing can only happen with the full cooperation of the dwarfs. As you can see in the video, dwarfs seem to enjoy it and can even be seen dancing prior to the tossing.

4. Potato Cannon Target Shooting

There's only one thing more fun than eating potatoes and that's firing them from a cannon. Imagine the pride of being able to tell your family members that you are the best potato marksman in all of Mesa County.

3. Sheep LED Art Contest

It's great that the kids in 4H and FFA get to show off their sheep for ribbons. Add electricity and it gets even better. The kid that spells out the most LED words with their sheep wins.

2. Goats Metal Shed Dance Off

You haven't lived until you've seen goats lose all their inhibitions and get jiggy on a metal building. Sometimes, they don't even need a building but will show off their moves on a thin strip of metal. This saves money, too!

1. Cotton Candy Stage Diving

This event takes a lot of cotton candy but is worth the trouble. If you have access to a dump truck/cement mixer, you can make the cotton candy faster.

I realize that you'll never see any of these events at the Mesa County Fair due to insurance and laws that prohibit dwarf tossing. But, I hope you can find an actual event that is happening and enjoy this year's fair!