Even before, but especially after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana back in 2012, the annual 4/20 festival has been quite a staple for pot enthusiasts across the Centennial State.

Coloradans gather from all around to congregate in Denver's Civic Center Park to enjoy live music, and vendors and celebrate their collective shared love for all things marijuana. However, with legalization comes restrictions, and one Colorado company is now potentially in danger of losing important licenses due to an incident that took place during this past year's festival.

What is the Colorado Marijuana Company that Might be in Trouble?

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The company that is in danger of losing its licenses is Keef Brands, a company that specializes in THC-infused products that originated in Colorado and still has its headquarters here.

With owner Andrew Vernon at the helm, Keef Brands has expanded to six additional states, as well as Puerto Rico and Jamaica, and has been involved in international campaigns to benefit the country of Ukraine with regard to the recent events that have taken place there.

However, because of an incident that occurred this past April at the Mile High 420 Festival, the company's future may be in jeopardy.

What Happened with Keef Brands at the Mile High 420 Festival?

Keef Brands was one of many vendors that had a booth set up at this year's Mile High 420 Festival. The problem was that they had cans of their Blue Razz THC-infused soda on hand, the soda that raised money for Ukraine, ready to be given out to attendees. If Keef Brands were to have done this, they would have been technically breaking the law.

However, even the fact that the booth allegedly planned to pour samples of the soda to attendees was enough for inspectors to demand that the cans are removed from the premises and a case be filed against Keef Brands.

Because of this, a hearing has been scheduled for July 21, 2022, and if it does not go well for Vernon and his company, he could lose both his recreational and medical marijuana manufacturing licenses.


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