Two rednecks went on a hillbilly rampage in Tennessee earlier this week. John Higdon, the homeowner, claims that people were sneaking around the woods behind his house in ghillie suits. So he did the sensible thing: fired a gun blindly into the dark at them.  Higdon was arrested, because, duh. But this is where the real redneckery starts.

Edgar Dallas McLellan (presumably one of the amateur snipers Higdon was trying to murder) didn't take kindly to being fired at, so he decided to retaliate the only way his inbred brain could come up with: by demolishing Higdon's house with the family backhoe!

Is this a reboot of the classic Hatfield and McCoy drama? Someone should remind these good 'ol boys that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Wait...we should probably teach them to read first.

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