They shouldn't be drinking at all because it is illegal. For the 20% of underage females who make the choice to disregard the law, they binge drink 90% of the time. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has even more troubling news regarding women's drinking habits in general.
The CDC says that millions of high school girls and grown women binge drink in a startling new warning. With one in five high school females admitting that they binge drink, which gives them a lower threshold than males.

Binge drinking for women is over four drinks and for men five, in on drink-fest. The CDC in the past has focused on binge drinking in men, but are now putting women in the spotlight. It is a serious problem that has been a growing trend for over a decade.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden says, "Although binge drinking is more of a problem among men and boys, binge drinking is an important and under-recognized women's health issue." Adding that 50%, of the over 23,000 female deaths a year from excessive alcohol, was caused by binge drinking. 90% of all drinking by underage kids is binge drinking, with 50% of all drinks consumed while adults binge drink.

U.S. dietary guidelines recommend moderation, meaning one drink daily for women and up to two for men.