Tis' the season for cranky bull moose. It's known as "rut season", it's they're mating season and the males are on the prowl and extremely defensive of their territory and not afraid to show off their manhood by brawling fellow bull moose over the affection of the females.

"Rut season" typically runs from mid September through October and can even last through the first couple of weeks in November depending on the level of crankiness in these bull moose.

Recently, up in Steamboat Springs, according to Fox 31 KDVR,  a young lady caught this intense battle on video of two bull moose in her driveway on Anglers Drive going at it in a big way where one of the moose was actually shoved into the bed of the pickup truck in the driveway.


Pretty intense right? These animals, that can reach 1000 pounds or more can not only cause some serious damage to each other, but to property and humans in general if we're not careful.

The young lady rolling did a nice job keeping her distance and not getting too close to the action because not only do these things weigh close to a half ton, they can reach speeds of up to 30 mph, so yeah, you're not going to outrun them if they decide to come your way.

Colorado Parks and Wildllife chimed in with their reaction to the video by reminding us all to be very aware and never approach bull moose anytime but especially during rut season.


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