You don't need me to remind you what happened on September 11, 2001. But, I fear that the memory of that day may be fading for many. I've found 11 pictures that are a reminder why that day can never be forgotten.

I was on the radio when both planes hit the World Trade Center towers the morning of September 11, 2001. I remember the first report didn't mention the size of the plane and I dismissed it as a tragic accident. Boy, was I wrong. Once video started appearing showing it was an airliner, then a 2nd airliner and then the Pentagon and I knew something unprecedented was going on.

Here are 11 key moments from that day and the aftermath that will always remain significant in my memory.

Remembering 911

Wikipedia has a very detailed timeline of the exact times when major events happened that day. The first plane hit at 8:46 am. The second impacted the other tower about 16 minutes later. The Pentagon was hit at 9:37 am. Shortly after that all flights were locked down around the country.

My most vivid memory of 9-11 is an odd one. I recall how blue the sky looked that morning and how beautiful it was. It was a cool Fall day that turned so unbelievably ugly. My other immediate perception was how patriotic we suddenly became. People prayed.

As we approached 9-11 this year, the date almost escaped me. It scared me that for whatever reason that day was not as front and center as it's been in the past. Blame it on the pandemic this year or whatever, but I find it unacceptable that the memory of 9-11 seems to be fading.

These pictures are a small sample of what we experienced that day. Let's keep it on the top of our minds. There's an old saying that those who refuse to learn from mistakes in the past repeat them in the future. This cannot be allowed to happen. Ever.

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