Earlier this month, 10 Years announced plans for a tour in support of their upcoming (how to live) As Ghosts album. Now we have a few more details on that new disc, along with the arrival of the lead single, "Novocaine." Listen to the track in the player above.

"Novocaine" is a driving rocker with the low end of the guitar pulsing through the track. Meanwhile, Jesse Hasek's voice is in tip-top shape, powering the song with a rather atmospheric and triumphant feel in the chorus as he really opens it up.

“Six albums and a hundred songs in, I wondered if I've already written my best stuff," says Hasek. "But at some point, you start to get real adult problems. You see people go from such optimism in their 20s to having life just beat them down later. I think we all kind of get desensitized and numb to life on some level. That's what this song is about."

For 10 Years, this is somewhat of a turning point for the band, who have undergone a couple of lineup changes since the last album. Brian Vodinh and Matt Wantland are back on guitars. Vodinh, who also drummed on the album, will be solely on guitars for the live shows, with Chad Huff moving from guitar to bass, while Kyle Mayer stays on drums.

“It's funny. I named our last record From Birth to Burial because I thought it was our final record," says singer Jesse Hasek. "It just didn't feel like 10 Years without Brian and Matt, and having them back is really a reunion of the core writing team. This new record actually feels like a real rebirth for the band."

"We're bringing it back to the way it should be," says Vodinh, who left the band due to family commitments in 2013. "It feels great to be back with these guys and we're in such a good place musically and creatively." He goes on to add, "It used to be that just Jesse and I would write the full song, and the other guys would add a little spice to it. This time, we're starting the writing process as a full band. Sometimes it starts with a riff. Sometimes it starts with a vocal. Our formula is no formula, and it kind of works. And, we work together in a constructive and healthy environment now."

Helping the band on their journey for the new album was acclaimed producer Nick Raskulinecz. "Nick made us step outside our comfort zone," explains Hasek. "It made for a different sounding record. The one thing we never wanted to do is recreate the same thing over and over. We have always been musicians that love to explore and venture into new horizons."

Speaking more about the recording process, Vodinh offers, "Historically, we like to orchestrate a lot of vocal parts. We'll have harmonies and layers. This time around, Nick had us strip a lot of that away. There are a lot of moments where the only vocal is just Jesse, and not this big freaking epic thing. It makes Jesse more human. And I think the more human Jesse comes across, the more relatable his lyrics are." Hasek adds, “In the past, I've written a lot of songs that were pretty ambiguous. But on this record, I'm comfortable being direct and talking about things that are important to me now. I'm older and find myself reflecting on the world more, especially after having traveled the globe. I’ve crossed paths with a lot of people, and perspectives shared have been enlightening for me as I look at The World, and see what's going on around me.”

On top of "Novocaine," the band points to a trio of songs as being key tracks on the disc, each of them dealing with mankind and mortality in one way or another. Those songs include the title track, which also addresses how some people can use spirituality to point fingers at others, "Burnout," about never getting too caught up in yourself to see the opportunities the world has to offer, and "Blood Red Sky" about the struggle to fight through everyday life.

10 Years have inked a new deal with Mascot Records and the band will release the (how to live) As Ghosts album on Oct. 27. The band currently has a PledgeMusic pre-order where you can make sure to pick up the disc upon its release, while having the option to add on a number of special items from the the group. See all the packages that are available at this location. And look for 10 Years back on tour this fall at these stops.

10 Years, (how to live) As Ghosts Album Artwork

Mascot Records
Mascot Records

10 Years, (how to live) As Ghosts Track Listing

1. The Messenger
2. Novacaine
3. Burnout
4. Catacombs
5. Ghosts
6. Blood Red Sky
7. Phantoms
8. Vampires
9. Halos
10. Lucky You
11. Insomnia

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