Motley Crue's long-awaited biopic The Dirt manages to pack quite a bit into its hour and 47-minute running time.

The script covers what drove Frank Ferrana to morph into Nikki Sixx, the genesis of the group’s name and even that particularly gross opening scene we were hoping would be left on the cutting room floor.

One thing director Jeff Tremaine can’t be criticized for is his inability to cover all the highlights, low points and enough drugs, drinks and instances of sexual intercourse to boggle the mind. So, unless it were a 26-hour miniseries, there was no way the entire history of this band could be covered.

Left out were a dozen wives, additional musicians who became official members, the first reunion appearance with Vince Neil and subsequent departure of Tommy Lee to pursue a solo career after John Corabi’s exit and the group’s contributions to the celebrity sex tape boon in the mid-90s.

Even all that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the four decades of decadence for which Motley Crue were responsible. There are multitudes or arrests, fistfights – with one another and everyone else within punching distance – quarrels with other artists, albums that tanked, promotional ideas that were genius and stage show concepts that bordered on outright brilliance.

Even the printed version of The Dirt couldn’t fit all that, but below you can read about some of the events and people who got left out of the movie after playing a major part in Motley Crue's story.

You Think You Know Motley Crue?


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