Did you know Colorado means colored red in Spanish?

With that little nugget we are on our way, touring the state and pointing out some kind of weird but still cool names for Colorado towns. Let's go!

Meaning "above others" in Spanish, the word itself isn't odd, but when you look at where Arriba sits, it, well, isn't above others. It actually sits lower than Denver. Arriba boasts a population of around 200.

A place that got its name from combining the names of two nearby lakes, Bowles Lake and Marston Lake. Not a very big town with an area just over one square mile. You will find it 12 miles from downtown Denver.

A little history surrounds what everyone calls "Breck". Initially, the town was named after John Cabell Breckinridge (note the spelling) but when John decided to enlist with the confederacy during the Civil War, the town was ticked. So they decided to change the spelling.

Neat name for a town, don't you think? I bet it took them very little time to come up with it, seeing as how there's a huge rock that sort of looks like a castle standing above the town.

Pronounced Del NORT not Norte', this is a great place to go if you love the outdoors. Named for the Rio Grande Del Norte.


The town, in close proximity to Dinosaur National Monument, borrowed the name and it stuck.

The gold rush in Colorado brought thousands seeking riches to the state, but those arriving later than the rest were pushed out of established mining camps, so they created their own, wanting to give everyone a fair chance at success.

Did you know Leadville was once nearly named the capitol of Colorado? Other names included "Cloud City" and Slabtown.

Nederland got it's name from a mining company from the Netherlands. Located lower than the Caribou Mine, they took the name to heart as nederland means low land in Dutch. Perfect.

Now there's a name for you. Imagination would let you think all kinds of things, but honestly, the word means rich", and in the mining days, names meant a lot. However with mining, there are rich and not so rich times. The town has fewer than 300 residents.

There are many towns with rich history and neat names, so go check them out and enjoy Colorful Colorado!

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