Crime in our community shouldn't be acceptable by any of us, this is where we live and we should be working to make our area better. As we all know sometimes people make bad choices or decisions that they regret later, and I am assuming most of the people on the 10 Most Wanted List by the Grand Junction Police Department regret some of their decisions.

I'm not a lawyer and have zero background on any of the cases listed by our law enforcement officers and everyone is innocent until proven guilty but there is a reason that these people have made it to the Most Wanted List. Before I was allowed access to the photos below I had to promise to the Grand Junction Police Department to remind citizens to not approach anyone on this list, but instead to call them immediately if you know where a suspect might be.

All people mentioned on this Most Wanted List is considered dangerous and the Grand Junction Police Department doesn't want anyone harmed attempting to apprehend a suspect. If you have any information about a person listed below you're encouraged to contact the non-emergency line at 970-242-6707. If you're wanting to stay anonymous while reporting a tip you can always contact Crime Stoppers at 970-241-7867 or 1-800-221-7867.

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Here is the list according to the Grand Junction Police Department of their Top 9 Most Wanted List as of 7/21/2020.

Grand Junction 10 Most Wanted List

Thank you to everyone who shares this information, and an even bigger thank you to each of our law enforcement officers who keep our community safe each day.

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