In this Loud List, we pay tribute to one of metal’s all-time greatest riff masters, Dimebag Darrell. Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Pantera Riffs.

During the 1990s, Pantera were the self-proclaimed and fan-proclaimed “Kings of Metal.” Each member of Pantera brought incredible musicianship and air-tight playing to the band, but much of Pantera’s power came through the almighty riff. Dime’s mastery of groove inspired bands for decades to come, as can be heard with every guitarist to pick up a Dean guitar.

Though Vulgar Display of Power is likely Pantera’s most celebrated record, it was the crushing follow-up, Far Beyond Driven, that may contain the greatest collection of Pantera riffs. “I’m Broken” features one of the deepest grooves in metal history thanks to Dime’s riffage, while the pitch-shifting “Becoming” and punchy “Slaughtered” remain fresh over 20 years after the fact.

Cowboys From Hell was so monumental for Pantera that many fans call it the band’s debut album even though it’s actually their fifth. The title-track’s main riff catapulted Pantera to metal’s forefront and lured metalheads in to check out cuts like “Cemetery Gates” and “Domination,” which also made out Top 10 list.

Which Pantera riffs made our Loud List? Watch the video above and tell us if you agree with our choices for the 10 Greatest Pantera Riffs.

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