In my first year of living in the great state of Colorado, I've been trying to learn all I can about the place. Here are some fun facts...

1. Colorado is the only state to say "no thanks" to hosting the Winter Olympics. Denver won the bid for the 1976 Winter Games but the voters declined the offer. Why in the world would you do that? Say no to a world class sporting event and the revenue attached to it.

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2. The city of Leadville is the highest incorporated in the country. I'm pretty sure that means elevation. I can't be sure, it is Colorado.
3. Glenwood Springs is home to the largest natural hot springs in the country. That seems odd to me having lived in Hot Springs Arkansas for a couple years. Those seemed to take over that place.

4. The Grand Mesa is the world’s largest flat-topped mountain. This was one of the first facts I learned when I moved here. Someone shared that with me at Cruisers my first week in town.
5. The federal government is the states biggest landowner claiming over 1/3 of the state. Seems like allot to me. I wonder if they'd consider selling any of it?
6. The city of Trinidad is known as the sex change capital of the world. Local doctor Stanley Biber performed thousands of the procedures over his 30 plus year career. There are several comments I could make about that fact but I'll leave that to your own imagination.
7. The Eisenhower Tunnel is the highest auto tunnel in the U.S. That seems obvious to me. How could there be another any higher?

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8. Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest suspension bridge in the nation. If you've ever been there you know they do a good job of letting you know that fact.

9. There are more breweries in Boulder (per capita) and any other city. Does this mean they also have the highest number of beer bellies?
10. Colorado ranks second when it comes to craft beer sales and production. California would be #1.


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