As a Denver Bronco fan Super Bowl XLVIII was about as heartbreaking as sports can get. So after an ass-kicking of epic proportions there were a lot of vices Bronco fans could turn to for comfort like drinking yourself silly, going to bed early, or eating every piece of junk food in sight. But it seems as though sad fans turned to the internet and a bottle of lotion instead... 

Well Super Bowl Sunday is one of the slowest days of the year for internet porn watching, after the game ends, it's actually game on! Especially for fans of the games losers. reports that residents of Denver and Colorado as a whole cranked their porn-watching numbers up 10.8% and 7.6% over average. Post-game porn watching was up about 4% country-wide, proving Bronco fans are nation-wide.

Bet you can't guess the only place in the U.S. where they were too busy celebrating to be sitting in a dark room alone and naked... Seattle and Washington state the numbers were 17.2% and 11.3 percent lower than usual.