You know you live in a strange time when breaking objects with your breasts can net you enough cash to buy an island. That's exactly how Busty Heart amassed her wealth.

After numerous plastic surgeries, she now has over 2,000 cc's of silicone in each breast, measuring in at a massive 46H, and she's potentially looking at getting more! Her chest is so ridiculously large that when she took her top off at a strip club (that she owns), someone in the crowd died. It's unclear if it was due to a heart attack or being crushed to death, because she's known for crushing objects with them, too.

Everything about this woman is strange. Her appearance, her activities and how lucrative this asinine story has become. She owns a strip club, a mountain top with a cabin, and now an island off the coast of Maine.

If this story isn't enough to make you cringe, the video of her smashing watermelons with her breasts certainly will.