For 75 years, generations have enjoyed one of the most enduring, and endearing films of all time. The 'Wizard of Oz' has charmed, thrilled, touched, and scared audiences of all ages, and is an all-time movie favorite for many of us. So how cool is it that the for it's 75th anniversary celebration, the 'Wizard' is being shown in IMAX 3D!

Like many people, maybe even  you, I have seen the 'Wizard of Oz' dozens of times. Even at my advanced age, I make it a point to watch this classic movie once every year. I practically know the script by heart, often times spewing out the next few lines just before they are spoken on screen. As much as I love this movie, I have never seen it on the big screen. Never! It's been shown on more than one occasion in Grand Junction, but I have failed each time to get out to see it.

But, now, in IMAZX 3D, I dare not miss this rare opportunity! This has to be the first time it is is going to be a very limited showing - only in IMAX theaters and for one week only. It opens September 20th. As nearly as I can tell, the movie is not currently  scheduled to play in Denver or Salt Lake City. I may have to wait for the 100th anniversary edition.

Here's the official  'Wizrard of Oz' trailer for the 75th anniversary presentation. Consider it today's 'guilty pleasure.'