Nitro Circus Live is not your typical live action sports show. Not even close. This death-defying, action-packed event is coming to Grand Junction Saturday, August 26th!

All this week it's your chance to win tickets to the premier event of the summer. All winners will qualify for the ultimate upgrade. Someone will have their tickets upgraded to the Best Seats In The House! That "house" being Ralph Stocker Stadium.

Deanna Pierce

Not sure what Nitro Circus Live is all about?  It's a combination of the greatest and craziest, athletes in the World of freestyle motocross, BMX and skating. Plus these guys launch all manner of crazy contraptions off the one-of-a-kind 40-foot high Nitro ramp. This is a 2 hour-plus mind-blowing show that's like nothing else on earth!.

Sure, it's a little crazy and a little scary, but great fun for the whole family. You’ll see World First stunts that are not performed anywhere else. Be prepared to yell, scream, shocked, stunned, and laugh ‘til it hurts.

Deanna Pierce

You may recall the Nitro Circus TV Show on MTV.  Launched in 2010 it became one of the networks most popular shows on cable television.

Nitro Circus has spawned dozens of "world firsts" that you literally cannot see anywhere else, including the FMX double backflip and BMX triple backflip. It's the world’s most successful action sports touring act, selling approximately 3 million tickets in the last 6 years. Keep listening to 95 Rock all week to win yours! Good luck!