We happen to be lucky to have this rad little gem of a town of Palisade, Colorado right next door to Junction proper. With the Colorardo River flowing through it's backyard to the towering cliffs of Mt. Garfield, there is so much to do in this small town of 1.1 square miles. Find out what you can do!

The Palisade Brewing Company

Palisade Brewing Company

At the Palisade Brewing Company you can enjoy fine craft beers with names like, Dirty Hippy; Love Potion #2 and Hoptocopter IPA. What other small town can offer up rad brews like these?

Peach Street Distilleries

kittygutz, Flickr

Peach Street Distillers concocts one of the best Bloody Marys you will ever try! If a fine bourbon is more your flavor try the Colorado Straight Bourbon, 92 proof of Colorado goodness made with the sweetest of Olathe sweet corn.

The Vineyards in Palisade

starkdoulos, Flickr

We all know that the vineyards in Palisade are some of the best -- world renowned even! Just this fact alone should be the single reason to vote for Palisade to become the "Coolest Small Town of 2013."

Just the Views Alone

Skez, Flickr

We may sometimes take for granted the awesomeness of our Grand Valley, if we just take a walk or drive around Palisade we can see why we should vote for our neighboring friends.