I will admit that I get a little jealous when other parts of Colorado have something that we in Grand Junction don't. Specifically, the fancy pants people in Denver seem to end up with benefits that we do without here. For example, they have vampire groups and apparently we don't.

Daily Camera.com reported a few years ago that there are several vampire groups in Colorado. Here's what they said:

The Colorado Vampire Association has 33 members, and Colorado is home to two vampire groups, House Vespertine and House Shibboleth (see Denver.nightside.org). Colorado boasted three additional vampire houses dating back to the mid-'90s, but they are now either defunct or operating under new, untracked named.

Many more local vampires are thought to not yet be active or "awakened," which is just a fancy word for, well, coming out of the coffin.

One of two things is happening here. Either there are no vampire groups on the Western Slope or there are groups, but they're not allowing anyone to know about it. Are you a vampire? If so, are you a card-carrying member? Or, are you so super-secretive that you won't tell us?

It's October, so if you want to spill the vampire beans, now is the time. We're waiting.