Who is "Texas Flood," and have you seen them lately? No doubt you know "Texas Flood" is the name of a Stevie Ray Vaughan tune, and you've probably heard mention of a band by that name. Discover a little more about this very cool Stevie Ray tribute band.


"Texas Flood" isn't just a tribute band. They've recreated Stevie Ray in even the most minute detail. The group features Stevie Ray aficionado Gerry Goodman on guitar and vocals, John Brown on bass, and Darin Elwell on drums. To say Goodman loves Stevie Ray is to not know the definition of adoration.

Regarding the band's mission, Goodman says, "we're trying to let the people who know and love Stevie's music to relive and enjoy it again and we're also turning younger people onto his music...the way Stevie kept his heroes alive, ie. Jimi Hendrix and Albert King." Goodman adds, "we're trying to keep Stevie's music alive...I hope somebody sees us and carries the torch when I'm done."


Goodman knows ever lick, note for note, to most most subtle pull-off and masterful hammer-on. Goodman even studied photos of Stevie's guitar right down to the millimeter to insure he placed the signature "SRV" letters in exactly the right spot.

"Texas Flood" performs all over Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. Their next stop will be at Shooters & Skooters in Crawford, Colorado, on Saturday, July 13th.