After recently going to Denver and having an amazing pizza at a little joint off of 16th Street called 'Mellow Mushroom', I was wondering how many places in Grand Junction have pizza this good. Here are a few of my favorites.

Kannah Creek Brewing  an Italian style restaurant that specializes in pizza and beer. They have amazing pies with a number of fresh ingredients. Plus, they have award winning micro brews to wash it all down with.

Ale House Facebook

When people think of pizza one of the last places they think of is The Ale House. The Ale House does a version of a New York Style pizza and these pizza's are HUGE. You can get them for half off during their happy hour times from 10pm-Midnight.

If your downtown and find yourself looking for a great pie, try out Pablo's Pizza. My favorite pie they make is the Thai Pie. Also, if you're looking for Gluten Free, they do those as well.

My favorite pie here in Grand Junction, hands down, is at Papa Kelsey's and it has the best name ever...The Executioner. This pizza has everything on it, I mean everything, and is a Man size pizza. They use some of the best ingredients money can buy. Haven't tried it, don't take my word for it, try it yourself and you will fall in love. The Executioner also comes in a sub sandwich.

There of course are some places with great pies that I did not mention. Vote on your favorite pie below so we can crown the Best Pizza in Grand Junction.