Here is an interesting question? Which of the following would you be willing to do without for an entire week – coffee, smart phone, alcohol, or sex? The results of a recent survey from Sachs Media Group  are very interesting, especially when we see the difference in the way men and women think.

The overall results of the survey show that 29% of people would not give up their morning cup of coffee for an entire week, while 28% said they would no way be willing to give up their smart phone or tablet. About 23 percent said they could not give up alcohol for an entire week, and 12% could not go a week without sex.

Now, let’s compare the sexes.

The number one thing that men would not give up for a week is alcohol, while the top item for women is coffee.

Woman are much more attached to their smart phone than men. Of course, we aren’t surprised by that revelation. Thirty four percent of women would not give up their phone for a week, while only 21% of men wouldn’t. Here - take my smart phone. Please!

And here’s another shocker. Not! Men are much more reluctant to give up sex than women. Twenty percent of men said sex is the one thing they wouldn’t give up for a week, while only 5% of women said they couldn't  give up the horizontal hula for an entire week.

We all knew that men and women were different. This is just  more evidence. There are different perspectives between the sexes, different ways of looking at things, and certainly differing priorities. Is one right and one wrong? Is one better than the other? No, just different. And I'm afraid I'm with the ladies on this one. I want my coffee!