As you guys may recall it was nearly a month ago when I first posted a story asking about the horse sculptures on Horizon Drive. Why isn't traffic being allowed around the round-a-bouts?

You may also recall I lived at The Double Tree hotel for nearly 3 weeks and had to drive around the construction there every day, going and coming from work. This Tuesday evening as left Cruisers and headed towards I-70 I was stunned to see the orange barrels were still in place around the round-a-bouts. My question is why? Aren't the "iron horses" finished? There wasn't a construction worker in site. As far as I can tell, the project's finished. Why isn't traffic being allowed around the circles? I started looking around and found this.

Turns out the project isn't set to be compleated until the end of this month. And the why? According to CDOT "Traffic roundabouts will improve the intersection by maximizing traffic flow, alleviating congestion, and increasing safety for both motorists and pedestrians." To find out more info on the project just click the CDOT website. 

Also turns out the horses really have nothing to do with the deal. They just happen to be installed as a part of the round-a-bout project. So hang in there. The orange barrels will be down in a couple weeks.