Finally, Colorado is recognized for something other than being one of two states to legalize marijuana. Colorado is the champion of thin, with the fewest obese residents in the country. According to the newly – released Gallup – Healthways Well-Being Index, Colorado is the only state with an adult obesity rate under 20%. By contrast, West Virginia reported the highest obesity rate with 33.5%.

The news actually isn’t anything new. Colorado has held the title of thinnest state for three years in a row.

There seems to be a national push for healthier dining options at restaurants, and more awareness of fitness activities. Still, the national obesity rate is estimated at 36% by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. No pun intended, but obesity is a growing problem in America. Katie Bass, writing for Gallup says "Obesity is now one of Americans' top health concerns -- surpassing smoking and alcohol -- with nearly four in 10 Americans saying it is an extremely serious problem to society."

Coloradoans must be doing something right. Maybe we are more active than people in other states. Maybe breathing in the mile-high air is speeding up our metabolism. Or, maybe we are just  generally smarter than the rest of the nation, and are making better choices when it comes to food and fitness. And, just maybe we aren’t as dumb as we seemed to be when we voted for the legalization of pot this past November. After that move, we’ll have to wait and see if we are still making smart choices next year when it comes to diet, fitness, and exercise.