It's been said 'you are what you eat', and apparently what kind of pizza you eat actually says something about your personality.

According to Yahoo, a new suggests the kind of pizza you eat reveals a lot about your personality.

The researchers had people fill out a personality test, and then share their favorite pizza flavor. Then they looked for personality trends with each kind of pizza. Here is what they found.

If you like vegetable toppings, you tend to be flirtatious, charming, gullible, and self-absorbed.
If you put chicken on your pizza, you are probably driven, competitive, and assertive.
Pepperoni lovers tend to be extroverts who are easily bored.

And if you like other kinds of meat on your pizza, you tend tend to be a follower, supportive, and like to stay at home.

Interesting stuff here. All this time I thought that whenever I was eating a delicious slice of pepperoni that it was because I was hungry. Now, I find out it's because I'm bored! Hmmm....I'm not exactly convinced about the results of this study, but I will continue to enjoy a hot pepperoni pizza whenever possible.