NASA has given you an extra second today. We're not sure why, but we do know they're way smarter than us so we'll trust that they know what they're doing. It has something to do with the Earth's rotation slowing down. Whatever.

We want to help you get the most out of the extra time on your hands. Here are five things you might consider doing with your extra second today.

1.  You can decide whether you will go in the east or the west entrance of Colorado National Monument. Do you want to see Fruita on the way in or the way out? Think quick.

2.  Spend your extra second trying to figure out why North Avenue in Grand Junction goes west and not north.

3.  Figure out which turn lane on Rimrock turns into Walmart or Sprouts Farmers Market.

4.  Contemplate spending a second calling the mayor of Moab and telling him to stop bragging about having two national parks.

5.  Promising to never again read my blogs to get the 45 seconds you've just spent out of your life back.