Here's what to do if you're involved in an accident during "Accident Alert" status, according to the Grand Junction Police Department.

Lots of snow usually means a slow commute and the possiblity of accidents.

It also means a busy day for the GJPD, which is part of the reason they place the City on "Accident Alert" status.

When they have too many calls to take care of that don't need immediate assistance, they ask citizens to:

  1. If possible get the vehicles off the road to a safe location
  2. Exchange driver’s license, insurance, and registration information
  3. File an accident report within 48 hours of the incident at the Grand Junction Police Department (555 Ute Ave.) during business hours

ONLY if there:

  1. Are no injuries
  2. No intoxication
  3. No towing needed

To receive this type of notification by text or email, you can sign up to receive Emergency and Community Notifications here.

Here's what Kate Porras from the GJPD had to say: