I can't say that I am hip or cool anymore, but I try to stay up to date by watching what everyone does on Facebook. Over the last few days just about every single person I am friends with on Facebook has taken part in a quiz that supposedly tells you what state you belong in. So I finally gave in and took the quiz myself... I call B.S.! 

First off, when I was all said and done I ended up belonging to Wisconsin. And if I were to put together a list of states I would never live, Wisconsin would probably be in my top 10. It's cold, I hate the cold. They are famous for cheese, I love cheese, but if I lived there I would weigh 1,000 pounds. Just a few reasons I could never live there.

Basically the quiz just consists of some questions that aren't even really questions. Like picking a musician from a list of famous singers. It doesn't tell you whether to pick your favorite or your least favorite, just says to pick one. So how does picking Johnny Cash influence it to tell me to move to Wisconsin?

By all means, have fun wasting 10 minutes of your day taking this quiz and having a computer tell you that you belong in God-forbidden state like Washington (yes, I am still better about the Super Bowl), but please don't take this thing seriously and think that it's time to move! I haven't seen one of my friends get Colorado, and I don't want to be left alone here.

Maybe they just need to add a question like "Do you smoke pot?" Answer yes, you belong in Colorado. No? Then answer the rest of the bogus questions... Just a thought!