Most of my friends consider me pretty lame lately, mostly because I have become quite the party-pooper. Soul reason is with age I have become unable to recover from a night of drinking. A typical night on the town for me equals three or four days recovering, so I have pretty much ditched the booze. But this here video may help my fellow hangover sufferers get back to cool. 

First off, if you don't get hangovers you are either lying or have two words for you, one starts with an F and the other sounds something like U.

Sure, you could try one of those expensive hangover pills that probably don't work, you could chug water or red Gatorade, load up on Tylenol, or eat a greasy burger to try to combat the evil hangover, or you could just drink something that will cause less of one.

Bet you'd never thought you'd learn about congeners today, did you? Well, I hope you're happy you did! It's Friday, who has the vodka?