Australia filmmaker David Riggs documentary about the mystery of what ate a 9-foot great white shark will hit TV this month. Wednesday June 25th at 6pm our time on the Smithsonian Channel we will get our first look the documentary.

11-years-ago a female 9-foot great white shark that had just been tagged off the coast of Australia disappeared very quickly at over 1,900 feet of depth in the ocean. The crazy thing is that the tag washed up on the beach about week later and the story it told is a scary tale.

The data from the tag said that the shark was swimming at just over 1,900 feet when the temperature went from 46 degrees to 76 degrees in a matter of moments and stayed at that temperature for about a week then came back down before it washed up on shore.

I know most of you will say another bigger shark ate it mystery solved right? Well, we are talking about an animal the size of a Chevy S-10 that weighs more that 500 pounds. The fact that the temperature change was so fast means the 9-foot shark was eaten whole.

That had to be one hell of a beast to devour a 9-foot shark whole and we might get to see what it was Wednesday June 25th on the Smithsonian Channel.