Yesterday(October 10, 2012) 300 Colorado physicians who back Amendment 64, including two dozen Western Slope doctors, spoke out in favor of the measure. Republican Tom Tancredo questioned why all Republicans aren't backing the amendment.
In just 26 days(November 6, 2012) Coloradans will have an opportunity to regulate marijuana like alcohol. Because of that School District 51 decided to delay mailing anti-marijuana pamphlets to parents, so it doesn't look like they are using taxpayer dollars to battle the political issue.

Western Slope law enforcement, who have financial gain from the prohibition of marijuana, are speaking out against Amendment 64. Even though it would free up law enforcement time to combat more serious crimes, or youth, like with alcohol.

Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey and other Western Slope law enforcement claim the amendment, if passed, would do more harm than good. Mesa County Sheriff Hilkey says,
"Anytime you normalize a behavior it's going to happen more often."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did a study on medical marijuana influencing youth in their annual Youth Risk Behavior Study showed it didn't influence the decisions of youth.