Metallica's James Hetfield is moving to Colorado. The lead singer and guitarist for the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame metal band decided to leave his longtime residence in San Francisco.  Although Grand Junction wasn't on James' final wish list of places to live, another Colorado town has claimed him. That would be the beautiful ski resort town of Vail.

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From a podcast interview, James did with Joe Rogan, the Metallica member stated his reasoning for leaving: “I kind of got sick of the Bay Area, the attitudes of the people there, a little bit. They talk about how diverse they are, and things like that, and it’s fine if you’re diverse like them. But showing up with a deer on the bumper doesn’t fly in Marin County. My form of eating organic doesn’t vibe with theirs.”

… “I feel more at home in the Midwest or the mountains or something. I mean, I love the ocean, and I love the Bay Area, I love what it’s got to offer, but there’s just an attitude that it was… It wasn’t healthy for me. [I was] starting to feel like I was just fighting all the time, and I just had to get out of my own head. So Colorado does it for me.”

Another reason for choosing Vail was that James' wife, Francesca grew up there after being born in Argentina. Welcome to Colorado!!

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