Western Colorado 2-1-1 has resources for everyone, but June means Father's Day and that's why we're providing free and lost cost fun for families! Check it out!

Today we’re chatting with our local expert Lacey from 2-1-1, who happens to be the childcare referral specialist, anything and everything to do with kids!

Just dial her up at 2-1-1 from a land line or 970-244-8400 from a cell phone.

Check out some fun, free and low cost activities here! From farmers markets to festivals and more! You can even have the calendars mailed to you.

Another great resource they offer is the Families First One Stop Shop at 2897 North Avenue which can help you with:

  1. all parents
  2. new parents
  3. at risk parents
  4. parents looking for groups, play dates, etc.

Call em at 970-244-0460

For more resources tune in for another “Got Kids” segment with the Partnership for Children & Families at 9:40 every Friday. Find them on Facebook and be sure to check out their Online ‘Got Kids’ Road Map.