There seems to be a new trend in pop music videos these days, and we love it... Chicks dancing butt-ass naked! It was only a couple weeks back that I wrote an article about Justin Timberlake's new video that featured a bunch of naked ladies, and now he has been one upped by a dude named Robin Thicke and his video for a song called "Blurred Lines." 

It seems as though I am a little late getting on this video, which is rare for me as I have some sort of nudity radar that normally goes off. But anyways, Since dropping in March, Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" clip has amassed more than 94 million views, and was already a #1 hit on the charts.

But to be quite honest we aren't here to talk about the music, because quite honestly I could have went my whole life without hearing the song, and would have been just fine. On the other hand, I am pretty upset that it has taken me four months to discover this video.

Now my WARNING to you... There is a little mute button on the video, hit that. Also there are a lot of boobies fully unleashed, so watch out for the boss. And finally, the video may be more enjoyable with a beer and bottle of lotion... Enjoy!