If you're anything like us, then you'll agree that well-endowed chicks and fast cars go together better than beer and pretzels. Kudos, then, to the folks at 'High Tech Corvette' for once again merging the two in a one-minute jigglefest.

Some viewers may find this clip objectionable or gratuitous, but we're not one of them. The redhead in the passenger seat hangs on for dear life as a Factory 5 Shelby accelerates to tremendous speed and takes tight turns. Fortunately, the woman's wearing a safety harness, but her breasts aren't so lucky.

The car's no slouch either, and is a coupe upgraded with "a 04 Cobra motor custom built by Gemini Motorsports in Houston," according to the video's YouTube description.

Guaranteed, this video will make you look at uneven roads in a whole new light.