A creepy Bollywood PSA with dancing condoms? Go on, we're listening.

We all know the importance of practicing safe sex, and community health initiatives are crucial in stopping the spread of AIDS and other diseases. However, the creators of this public service announcement decided to trash the boring old format of presenting facts in a coherent way and get all Bollywood, instead. Not only that, but the tune is sung from the point of view of the condom. Creepy!

When the condoms chant, "Dear, use me while having in sex,” it makes us wonder if this isn't some sort of abstinence campaign; maybe the director's objective was actually to make viewers so uncomfortable they never want to have sex again?

"I am made in different colors with fragrance," croons the leader as the parade makes its way through the village. And by the way, what about the people in the town who are standing around and watching this happen? They seem pretty unenthused. This traveling band must travel through that region of India a lot. "Uggh, not the dancing condom mistrels again!"

Are you “rash and careless” and “for momentary sexual pleasure you go to great lengths?” Perhaps you should take a breather and watch this YouTube equivalent of a cold shower.  Think about how Nirodh condoms will give you “health and longevity.” And while you're at it, notice that the blue dude is ribbed.