Sometimes, nature can make things really awkward for dudes.

We've all been there. You're watching 'Paula Deen's Home Cooking' in the living room after a long day at work, but your mind is wandering to that chick who stayed over last night. Your roommate/girlfriend/mom/an armed burglar comes into the room and stares directly at your crotch, mouth agape. Next thing you know you're defending yourself, trying desperately to prove that you aren't aroused by Paula's southern drawl.

Couch Boners are an epidemic that affect an estimated 100% of men and the people they love. Or sometimes the people they just met a few minutes ago. Best case scenario: It's a chick who discovers you at full mast, and you are rewarded for your "hard work." Worst case scenario? Mom.

Couch boners: Nature's way of letting you know you're not really in charge.