A man in Spokane, Wash. was the first to buy legal recreational marijuana, and now he's jobless. But why did he lose his job if recreational marijuana is legal?

Michael Kelly Boyer camped out with a sleeping bag and food for nearly 20 hours to be the first in Washington to buy pot legally. But just a couple days later, he was fired from his job at Labor Ready because he failed a drug test.

If recreational pot is legal- how'd he get fired? Well it seems one of his co-workers saw him on the news story and snitched on him to their employer. Boyer was sent a text message that he would need to take a "random drug test" and surprise! He failed. And he blames it on the news coverage of him buying the pot from the previous day.

Boyer says, "This is something we are going to have to figure out with all this legalization, where's gonna be the gray line?"

I've got bad news for ya Boyer. There is no gray line. There is no green line. The line is either black or white.