If you're from Colorado and plan on traveling outside of the state, this is one thing you'd better be prepared for!

Let me preface this story by telling you I'm an idiot, my husband and I were recently in Nashville for a convention and everywhere we went people were asking or telling us all sorts of things about marijuana.

We had one group telling us they knew people were smoking pot on their floor, others were making comments about it smelling like marijuana in the elevators, but MOSTLY asking if we could get them the good stuff.

And it was from people across all walks of life; moms, doctors, and a street performer! Who I finally asked "WHAT THE HECK?! Why is EVERYONE asking us for weed? Do we LOOK like drug dealers?!"

Alex Brooks

As you can see I was a little on edge over it, that's when he reminded me that we're from Colorado and since we'd just legalized marijuana it was on everyone's minds.

Like I said, I'm an idiot.