When you think of stoner food, Goldfish and Cheetos always seem to come to mind, but I can almost guarantee you that there is no stoner in this world that would turn down a box of Thin Mints. Sure, you can get the grocery store version for half the price, but you can't get those in one swift movement as you leave the pot shop. So, you want to sell Girl Scout Cookies? Grab a table, we're setting up in front of the weed store! 

Think I am crazy? Well, I am not the only one! 13-year-old Girl Scout Danielle Lei did it in front of a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco and sold 117 boxes in two hours. By the way, that is 37 more boxes than she sold the next day when set up outside a grocery store!

Although the Girl Scouts of Colorado Tweeted out a warning that says they don't allow their scouts to sell in front of liquor stores or pot shops, that doesn't mean they can't hire mom or dad to do it for them. That's what parents are for, right? Plus, who cares who buys the cookies, the Girl Scouts should just be thankful anybody is willing to spend $4 on a box of cookies that's really only worth about $1.50!

If you need help finding a shop to set up in front of, here is a map of every legal pot shop in Colorado. You're welcome! I'll take a free box of Tagalongs for the help, thanks!