Just because it's not your grandpa's alarm clock doesn't mean granny doesn't have/want one (we just don't want to know!). In my search for unique gifts to give for Valentine's Day tomorrow I stumbled upon Wake Up Vibe... A vibrating alarm clock! 

I cannot be the only person that wakes up in a bad mood every single time an alarm clock screams some annoying ass noise in my ear while I am in a deep sleep. Really the only way I ever wake up happy to be awake is when there is some hot chick next to me, rubbing me in ways no alarm clock can.

Just because men can't be woken up with pleasure, doesn't mean chicks can't! I just never want to hear that it's hard being a girl ever again.

Meet Wake Up Vibe. Set the timer, put it in your panties and when the time comes, you... well... you get the idea.

One warning though... The website says "Be careful of being late, it's addictive."