I remember when I was younger that the Olympics seemed like such a big deal. For two weeks straight everyone in the world seemed glued to the TV to watch. For some reason, this year's Sochi version seems really lame. So, in an attempt to raise some excitement for the games, some Photoshop expert sitting at a computer created an interesting name for a particular German skier!

Nothing surprises me on the internet these days, and people will literally believe anything they read. But it seems like I have seen this picture of C**ty Spunkf**ksh**piss, the fake German skier, who is actually Andreas Wank, like 10,000 times now. Wank seems like a name that is easy enough to poke fun at, but clearly not as cool.

My bosses don't seem to think this fake name, and hundreds and hundreds of people believing it is real is as funny as I did, so I had to block out part of the picture above. But, luckily you can see the work of Twitter’s @JimboLoony here.

Now go share this photo and see how many of your idiotic friends believe it's real too! :)