May 2nd in Texas a fully functioning light cycle will hit the auction block and it could be yours for the right price. The cycle is modeled from the Tron: Legacy version and is a bad looking ride at night.

Now if you are like me and can't even think about bidding on this that's okay because the real important information in this story is the batteries. Technology is moving at light speed and as the batteries get better so does the performance of electric cycles.

I know some look and laugh at these but in 25 years or so the laugh will be on you. While no one can argue with tooling around on the open road the everyday commute isn't the same thing.

Take our little slice of the world, the weather is great for ridding most of the year and an electric bike could save you big dollars in fuel and maintenance. Most trips rarely go over 25 miles and that is pennies on the dollars folks.

Over that past few years electric cycles have gone from 30 to 40 miles per-charge to well over 100. That means on a full charge you could just about do a weeks worth of driving around town for less that $15 bucks.

While at this point no one is going to do a road trip on electric cycle without charging a few times, you could take care of the weekly commute and save big bucks.