The 10th Annual Rock Jam is just days away, to make sure you're prepared here are the top five things you need to make sure you have at Rock Jam 2012!


7. Currency

You'll want to make sure you have some cash on you for something you might forget, band swag and The Great and Powerful Wazoo in the 95 Rock 'Love Gun Lounge'. Don't be surprised if you see plenty of beads, how women get those is a mystery to us.

Courtesy of: Facebook / Budweiser

6. Ice Cold Beer

Don't forget to bring ice for whatever beverages you might happen to have at Rock Jam. Beer is a favorite as long as you're 21 of course(which is a great reason to make sure you remember your ID). Beer is pretty much a mandatory reason to make sure you take care of tip numbers 5.

5. A Rockin' Campsite

A rockin' campsite is a must for Rock Jam. Declare your Rock Jam Compound with your friends and make kick ass new ones! Plus it's convenient and the way to really enjoy the party.

4. Shower Shoes

Protect yourself in the shower man! Don't take home a case of athlete's foot.


3. KISS Kondoms

These not only are great to have handy if you find yourself having a rockin' time in your tent(another great reason to abide by tip number 5!)

2. Sharpies

You'll want to make sure you have something to write with should you happen to run into a rock star, Rock Jam is crawling with them!

1. Friends Who Rock!

Hanging out with all your good friends and making new ones while rocking to killer bands is the whole point!