A Tennessee frat house has come under scrutiny for 'butt chugging' and is having those allegations denied by the fraternity have brought up a little known issue. Some claim these things actually happen, others call them myth.

Extreme drinking has recently gained mainstream attention with the recent University of Tennessee  allegations. What is extreme drinking and is it real? You'll have to judge for yourself.

Vodka Snorting

The British Alcohol Problems Advisory Service reported that bar owners had issues with patrons, mostly students, snorting vodka. Bar staff alleged that patrons reactions varied from being 'in tears' to collapsing. Bar owners banded together to attempt to end the trend, including stopping the sale of vodka in thin tubes. Prince Harry was allegedly caught snorting vodka in 2008.

Potential risks include: Crying, collapsing, permanent nose damage, mucosal irritation, overconsumption and other risks.

Vodka Eyeballing

It would really suck to go blind over booze, you only have two eyes, but some are allegedly doing just that. A woman named 'Melissa' told the United Kingdom's Daily Mail how she came to have eye problems, that could worsen due to 'vodka eyeballing'. YouTube is also full of countless videos of people performing the 'stunt'. Others say that those stupid enough to have tried it are already drunk and essentially experience a placebo effect.

Potential risks include: Inflammation, thrombosis(clotting of the blood vessels), other eye problems including blindness and other risks.

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Vodka Tampons

Vodka soaked tampons are nothing new, but the details are sketchy. Actual testimonials pretty much are non-existent and all 'experts' commenting don't cite casesm it's more of 'something they have heard about'. At first one would think it would make sense but one woman actually tackled this Mythbusters style.

The whole tampon basically was just a big wad of alcohol soaked cotton.

Potential risks include: Death, mucosal irritation, overconsumption and other risks.

Butt Chugging

As noted 'butt chugging' recently gained mainstream attention with the Pi Kappa Alpha allegations at the University of Tennessee. An alcohol enema was reportedly the reason Alexander "Xander" Broughton hospitalized with a suspected high blood-alcohol level and signs of possible sexual assault. The fraternity was put on a suspension with an investigation underway to see if that may become permanent. Xander, his lawyer and a bunch of bros in suits recently held a press conference denying the allegations and threatening legal action.

**Warning: Do not attempt any of the things described. Do not drink and drive. Drink responsibly. Alcohol not to be sold to or consumed by minors. Do not consume alcohol if you are pregnant or think you are pregnant.

Do not do any of the things listed below, or encourage others to do so. Ignoring this warning may result in death.