The 2012 London Olympics will be over in a matter of days, so there's still three days for a new controversy to take number one. So far the controversies of the Olympics have been entertaining.


7. Security Test - The four-time gold medalist Usain Bolt decided to stick it to The Man. Sebastian Coe, who is head of the London Olympics, 'vowed' to 'look into' why Usain was forced to threaten that he would smuggle his jump rope he uses to warm up with into the stadium. The master plan? Hide the jump rope under or in the bottom of his bag, because no one would ever think to look there. At least he's smart enough not to involve a body cavity.


6. Buying The Gold Medal? - A boxing referee found himself kicked out of the London games and questions surfaced about possible fixed matches. Rumors of fixing boxing matches for millions of dollars arose courtesy of the BBC in September 2011. Japanese boxer Satoshi Shimizu appealed after Azerbaijan's Magomed Abdulhamidov won the match even though he had been knocked down six times, or twice the number needed for a total knock out.

5. The Shady Ladies Of Badminton - Four pairs of women badminton players representing Indonesia, China and South Korea were disqualified after they tried to lose matches to make later competitions easier. The World Badminton Federation and sent the women home shamed.

4. It Was A Pre-Olympic 'Accident', Man - The U.S. Olympic judo competitor, Nicholas Delpopolo was disqualified after he 'accidentally' ingested food made with marijuana prior to the games. It's worth noting that after the 2008 Olympics Michael Phelps was photographed with his face in a bong. He went on to make Olympic history this year in London.

3. Row Row Row Your Boner - Olympic rower Henrik Rummel showed his appreciation for being part of the U.S. rowing team that came in third and brought home a bronze medal. The world noticed 'something out of place' in photos prompting Rummel to comment on the fascination with what was thought to be a fifth excited member of the rowing team popping through his rowing suit. He quickly made the statement, "This is me and I swear it's not erect! I don't know why it ended up in that position but there you go." Basically letting the ladies of the know that he can make up for his third place Olympic shortcomings in other ways, unlike the other three on his rowing team.

2. The Olympic Nipple Slip - Unlike the lack of video evidence(and YouTube to post it on) when Nancy Kerrigan's was clubbed by Tonya Harding's henchmen. The nipple made famous at the 2012 Olympics will live forever online. Thanks to NBC's lack of a delay anyone with Internet access can watch Kamie Craig claw at a Spaniard competitor's swimsuit exposing her breast. Some gained a new appreciation for water polo with posts like 'Just saw a boob on the Olympics. Womens water polo is awesome!!', popping up on Twitter and in fans' pants. Unfortunately, there was no underwater make-out session to follow.

1. Going Below the Belt for the Gold? - French basketball player Nicholas Batum decided that he was going to go above and beyond the expectations of his teammates as they took on Spain. Juan Carlos on the Spanish basketball team received a foul right to his junk. Yes the French play dirty and punch Juan in the balls so hard he keels over prompting the now pissed Spanish basketball team to gang up on Batum.