With day two of March Madness under way my bracket has gone up in a big blue flame. This morning the Duke Blue Devils, the number 3-seed in their part of the bracket took on The Mercer Bears and got mauled on national TV.

The Bears beat Duke 78-71 to blow my bracket into never never land. Yes, stick a fork in me I’m done. How in the world does the 14-seed knock off one of the top teams in the nation? They played the perfect game at the right time.

Mercer shot over 55% from the floor while they held Duke to under 36% from the floor and they took care of the ball. The Mercer Bears pulled off what might be the biggest upset of the tournament. They went into Raleigh, North Carolina and beat Duke! That is in the Blue Devils backyard.

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I tip my hat to the Mercer Bears for the big win and will now turn my attention to the NHL, as we are only a few games away from the playoffs. Enjoy the rest of March Madness.