Screw Kim Kardashian, these three grandmas getting high for the first time needs to break the Internet!

I've had this video on repeat since its discovery.

These grandmas were asked to smoke some 'hippy cabbage' in the state of Washington, none of them have ever tried it.

One stated, "I was a suburbia house wife, and we had our cigarettes and alcohol, and we were happy."

Well granny, get ready to be a whole lot happier.

First, their handed a bong, and asked to take a rip. The three take a couple hits from the bong and let the mellowing effects take hold.

After chilling for about fifteen minutes, letting the effects really take hold, they're handed a vaporizer. The look on the one granny's face says it all, as she exclaims, "I won't tell you what's going through my mind," thinking it's a dildo.

After a couple rips of the vape, they begin playing Cards Against Humanity, where all hell breaks loose as the "producers" of the video had to explain what a queef is.

All we have to say, keep toking grannies, you look good doing it.